Sparrow : Funny Hat

Sparrow : Funny Hat


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Meet the Sparrow. It is not just a sparrow. She is a girl sparrow. She is very cute and charming. However, she could be as naughty as boys, restless and energetic. In fact, she can’t just seat without doing anything like a goody-goody. To be patient is good when you do embroidery or bake cookies. However, when there is a good reason to pester about, how can one miss such an opportunity to play an innocent joke on someone? For example, to twit so loudly in November so that everyone would think that spring has arrived.  She loves November and winter a lot because she can flaunt her cute hat with funny pompons. The hat not only keeps her warm but also keeps in her in a great mood, which she is eager to share with her friends.

Size : 20 cm


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