Denny The Raccoon with towel

Denny The Raccoon with towel


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Danny is a fun raccoon representing the Orange brand. The animal loves water treatments, so do not refuse to put yourself in order. Danny often travels in the woods, so he needs quality care. To do this, the raccoon has a towel, which is useful during water treatments. Everyone knows the basic procedures you need to follow to stay clean and healthy, but not everyone loves the process. Danny has the opposite – he loves to swim, do morning treatments, wash dishes and wash his things. The toy is packed in a box that can be easily turned from ordinary packaging into a cozy house. The package is made of kraft paper, so the house will be dense and durable. All toys of this brand are very pleasant to the touch, made of quality materials and suitable for washing. In order to refresh and clean the toy, it is enough to wash it manually at a temperature of 30 °. Raccoon Danny is very friendly in nature and will be happy to play games with you.

Size : 34 cm


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