Skye Aroma Diffuser With Colour Changing Mood Lighting

Skye Aroma Diffuser With Colour Changing Mood Lighting


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Inspires by the beauty of nature, we have created a Iuxurious collection of Aroma Diffusers which utilise carefully selected materials that have the least impact on the environ ment.

The  SKYE  Aroma  Diffuser  is made with an elegantly  carvea  solid  bamboo  base covered  with frosted glass.

Modern,  ultrasonic technology  is used to diffuse tap water  and fragrance  or  essential  oils  into the air in a plume of  fine mist and fragrance, calming the mind, boay and   soul.

Enhance the ambiance in your living space with the mood lighting feature. Low energy  LED  lights will  g radually  change  through  a  spectrum  of softly

Illuminated colours which also allows you to select your preferred colour light  to  match  your  mood.

A night mode aIlows you to switch off the light, making the Skye and ideal for  night time use.

The SKYE Aroma Diffuser operated by placing your hand over the glass cover and applying  gentle pressure, through its cleverly designed, stylish switch function.

It is a long-life device – diffusers disc can be replaced with a new one.


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