Ballz Up! Party Game

Ballz Up! Party Game


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We all know it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you in-say-yay-yay-yay-yane so let’s do the Ballz UP! Game and determine who really does it best.

The nylon strap ensures the cup remains secured to your groin (no spillage) while the foam ball dangles down below. Using what your mama gave you, gyrate frantically (come one, use those knees, clench your butt!) until the ball lands in your cup. Good. That’s one point. Keep going!

Doctors are always recommending we get more exercise, so think of this as a gym replacement. Fun while sober, the hilarity dials up exponentially when you add liquor to the equation. Loser takes a shot?

Realistically, you should buy like five of these so that your friends can all compete at once to determine who the real Ballz Up! Champion is. Just make sure you film everything and haul it out every now and then as blackmail.

  • A party game that requires you to fiercely gyrate (ah, don’t they all though?).
  • Strap the cup to your groin and swing those hips to get those balls in.
  • Demonstrate how it’s not size that counts but the motion of the ocean.
  • Perfect for pre-drinks, bachelor/bachelorette parties, stripper auditions…


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