Minnie Microwave Lunchbox

Minnie Microwave Lunchbox


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Practical and ergonomic, the Minnie snack box :

This box can be used in the microwave to heat food. Also, it is easy to open and close thanks to its 4 clip-on sides. Children of all ages will be able to use this box.

Ideal for your child to carry his snack safely with his friend Minnie.

Thanks to its size, the box fits easily into your child’s school bag.

Dimensions: 17 cm x 12 cm x 7 cm

A design that will please for sure

Is your child a big fan of the Disney Minnie mouse? This box should please him for sure!

The colors purple and pink combine perfectly to create a harmonious box. On the lid, we see Minnie accompanied by a small cat.

So, isn’t this the perfect snack box for your little princess?