Light-Up Gaming 2.1 Sound System

Light-Up Gaming 2.1 Sound System


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Product Description
RED5 Zeta Gaming Sound System: What is it?

It’s a 2:1 sound system designed for use with gaming.

About the product

With two speakers and one subwoofer, this compact sound system brings a new level of immersion to your gaming. It has colour-changing LED lights in the speakers for added coolness, and offers individual volume, treble, and bass dials.

It connects with a 3.5 mm wired connection and includes a 1.2 metre cable. This means it’s compatible with Switch, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Laptop, and smartphones!

How is it powered?

It’s powered by a DC 5V adaptor.

Why you should buy it

Experience the very best in sound technology with an incredible cinematic style sound system to immerse yourself in the action. Order your RED5 Zeta Light-Up Gaming 2.1 Sound System now!