Large Stress Willy

Large Stress Willy


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Yes ladies you all must have that one man in your lives that just enjoys acting like a complete knob, so what better way to take out your frustration than on this Stress Willy! We know you may want to actually kick him were it really hurts but that could get you in trouble, so satisfy your stress and anger with your very own Stress Willy.

It could be a colleague on the next desk to you in the office, it could be your boss or even your partner who is being a massive ‘dick’ but after a quick wrench or a squeeze on one of these willy shaped stress balls, it will certainly put a smile back on your face.

Do not stress anymore and get squeezing, stretching, throwing, punching, slapping or choking this willy to calm yourself down and never get yourself in trouble.


Perfect hand sized stress toy in the shape of a willy
Perfect for days when it (he) gets to much
Filled with liquid, so be a little careful of sharp nails
Perfect for relieving stress
Measures: 6.5 x 13 x 5cm (approx)
Great fun novelty secret Santa or hen do gift