Giant Stress Ball

Giant Stress Ball


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Rent is going up. Your deadline has been cut back by a week. Your geyser isn’t working. Your dentist says you need three fillings. You’ve gained two pounds even though you had salad TWICE this week. Someone is going to feel your wrath via a punch to the face by the end of the day…unless you have this Giant Stress Ball.

At 26cm long, it can withstand you punching the crap out of it while pretending it’s your boss’s face. Wrap both hands around it and squeeze the life out of the inanimate object designed for such purposes.

You don’t want to go to prison. There’s no Netflix in there. Prevent that happening by redirecting your rage and anxiety onto this Giant Stress Ball instead. Buy one now – it’s the responsible thing to do.

  • When normal stress balls won’t cut it, go SUPERSIZE.
  • Squeeze the stress away with both hands (just no teeth).
  • A stress ball that is the size of a human head.
  • Buy it for someone who is *this* close to killing their co-worker.
  • 26cm long. That’s ridiculous.


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