Diy Neon Light Kit – Lamp

Diy Neon Light Kit – Lamp


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Free your creativity and create a unique and personal light for your home with DIY neon lights. This set allows you to create your own masterpiece that will brighten up any room. With a neon tube of 11x16x3.5 cm and a power supply, you can easily assemble the set and choose from different colors of the neon tube to match your style. Once you’ve assembled the set, you can explore your creative side and create your own design. Write your name, a special message or a motif that means something to you. Once your neon light is finished, you can place it on a shelf, table or hang it on the wall to add a personal and unique touch to your home. So if you want to challenge your creativity and create a unique light, then the DIY neon light set is the perfect choice for you.