Blob Lamp – Metal Lava Lamp 14.5″ – Pink/Purple

Blob Lamp – Metal Lava Lamp 14.5″ – Pink/Purple


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Delightfully kitsch in a psychedelic colour clash of pink and purple, this VINTAGE lava lamp by Blob Lamps oozes chilled out vibes and retro chic. A celebration of the original and iconic lava lamp, the Blob Lamps Vintage holds the much loved shape and groovy colours of the classic mood light, capturing the imagination with an endless flow of blob like lava. Finished with a polished metal base and cap that accentuates the colour in the middle, this eye catching lamp makes an outstanding focal point in any room!

14.5″ Blob Lamp VINTAGE lava lamp
Polished aluminium base and cap
Pink wax in purple liquid
Mains operated with inline switch
E14 / R39 / 25W – Blob Lamp bulb included