Blob Lamp Modern – Black Lava Lamp – Yellow/Purple

Blob Lamp Modern – Black Lava Lamp – Yellow/Purple


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A classic colour combo of purple and yellow bring this modern lava lamp to life, becoming a psychedelic focal point in any room! The sleek, contemporary style brings the classic lava lamp right up to date with a stylish, modern feel, whilst maintaining the groovy, laid back vibes from the 1960’s with a hypnotic lava flow. A captivating lamp for any room in the home, this modern lava lamp by Blob Lamps helps to create a calming, relaxed atmosphere and looks right at home in any contemporary setting.

Blob Lamps MODERN lava lamp
Black end cap and base
Yellow wax in purple liquid
Mains operated with inline switch
E14 / R39 / 25W – Blob Lamp bulb included