43cm Minnie Mouse Soft Toy

43cm Minnie Mouse Soft Toy


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One of the most loved characters, Minnie Core Plush is with you!

43 cm. Fans of the cute plush Minnie Mouse with long fluffy feathers will love it!

You can gift this cute plush to your loved ones, or you can use it as an accessory in your home. It will be a great gift to make your loved ones happy on their special day. At the same time, children can make this cute plush as a playmate or sleeping companion.

The inner parts of the product are made of quality filling material and the outer parts are made of plush.

No substance was used in its production that would endanger your child’s health.

You can wash plush toys by hand with natural soap. It should be washed without using bleach and chemical substances and without wringing, and dried at room temperature.

Plush length: 43 cm